Bangladesh: Islamists Allegedly Abducted Minor Hindu Girl in Laxmipur

GG News Bureau
Kolkata, 13th June. 
Abduction and conversion of Hindu girls are regularly happening in Bangladesh. Now, a fresh case has come from the Laxmipur district.

Islamists allegedly abducted a minor Hindu girl, Athai Majumder(13), from Gaiyarchar village under the jurisdiction of Raypur Police Station of the Laxmipur district.

Her father said that on the 30th of May, her daughter Athai Majumder didn’t return home from school. He searched everywhere but couldn’t find her daughter. Later, he came to know that Muhammad Munna and his friends abducted her.

Her father, Apu Majumder, alleged, “Muhammad Munna teased my daughter on her way to school. My daughter used to avoid him. But she didn’t return from school that day. I’m certain that Muhammad Munna kidnapped my daughter.”

The next day, Apu Majumder filed a written complaint in the Raypur Police Station against Muhammad Munna and others. Based on the complaint, the police started a case of abduction against the accused.

As of now, the police couldn’t find the girl.


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