Army Commanders Conference: 14-18 October 2019


Hon’ble Raksha Mantri addressed the Army Commanders and the Army hierarchy on 18 Oct 19 and conveyed extreme happiness on meeting all senior Army officers in first of its kind event in his tenure.  Raksha Mantri narrated personal experiences and emotions relating to Armed Forces from his student  & political life.

Raksha Mantri singled out Army as the last resort for the country in all challenges facing the nation, be it insurgency, borders or even HADR duties. Raksha Mantri also appreciated the Army’s role in synergizing its effort with all other security agencies in meeting the challenges being faced in J&K and called it exemplary.  Raksha Mantri spoke on the changing face of warfare all over the world and sought attention of the Army Commanders on the likely use of the un-conventional weapons in future. Niche technology, Cyber, Space, information warfare & perception management domains were also touched upon by the Raksha Mantri who conveyed his satisfaction on the efforts being put in by the Army.  Raksha Mantri appreciated the mature but firm approach of the Commanders on the nation’s borders and highlighted the need to address the concerns of perimeter security, cantonment discipline and tri-service jointness.  Calling jointness as the operational necessity, he exhorted Army to take lead towards achieving this. Speaking on the CDS, he reiterated the role of CDS in synergising the efforts of the three services. Sadbhavana effort of the Army were also praised by the Raksha Mantri, who encouraged Army to  protect the ‘Good will’ that has been generated by its efforts.

Talking of the defence preparedness, Raksha Mantri assured that there will be no criticalities, however, he also apprised the field commanders on the constraints of the budget. RM sought Army’s contribution towards hand-holding of the Indian defence industry for the indigenous combat systems under ‘Make in India’ effort.  Raksha Mantri assured a positive response on the issue of budget constraints being faced by ECHS and sought the attention of the Army leadership on adequate facilities for the growing children to ensure continued education at the choice station of the soldier.

Raksha Mantri thanked the Army Chief and the senior Army leadership for living upto the expectations of the entire nation and conveyed his full faith and satisfaction in the role being played by the rank and file of the Army.

The October iteration of the Army Commander’s conference was conducted in Delhi from 14-18 Oct 19.  All important and relevant issues including operational readiness of the field formation, training to meet present and futuristic operational needs, issues relating higher defence management including aspects of organizational restructuring & reforms, aspects around the most important resource of the Army  “the Man”  were among the various aspects that were debated among the top leadership of the Army.










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