Argentina picks Javier Milei far right as next President


Anjali Sharma

GG News Bureau

NEW YORK, 21st Nov. According to media reports on Monday Javier Milei secures victory in Argentina’s presidential runoff, a rightward shift after economic discontent.

Economy Minister Sergio Massa gracefully admitted defeat in the presidential runoff against populist Javier Milei even before the official results were released by the electoral authority.

Massa extended his congratulations to Milei, a right-wing economist often likened to former U.S. President Donald Trump, known for his promise to bring about significant changes to various national institutions.

Argentine electoral authority disclosed preliminary results, indicated that Milei secured 55.95% of the votes, while Massa garnered 44.04%, with 86.6% of the ballots counted.

The outcome paves the way for Argentina to shift to the right, reflected public dissatisfaction with surging inflation and growing poverty levels.

Milei, a newcomer to the political scene, identifies as an anarcho-capitalist and began his career as a television commentator criticized what he termed the “political caste.”

During Massa’s tenure, inflation soared to over 140%, and poverty deepened, contributing to the prevailing discontent.

Milei, the self-proclaimed anarcho-capitalist, advocates for reducing the size of the state and curbing inflation. His opponent cautioned against the potential adverse consequences of such policy measures.

The election presented voters with the challenge of choosing between two candidates, each perceived as the lesser of two evils.

Milei’s impassioned speeches hit a chord with many Argentines struggling with financial difficulties, resonating with the younger demographic.

Milei proposes significant changes to the healthcare system, advocating for the privatization of public health care providers.

His support for legalizing organ trade stems from the belief that market mechanisms could alleviate waiting lists for organ transplants. He emphasizes personal autonomy in this matter, drawing a parallel with women’s control over their bodies.

Milei advocates for the privatization of state-owned enterprises, including YPF and roads. As part of his deregulation program, he pledges to eliminate soy taxes and discard the electric-vehicle battery bid.

Milei outlines plans to reevaluate the National Scientific and Technical Research Council, with options ranging from closure to privatization or redefinition.

His vision for the government is minimalistic, with a focus solely on justice and security.

This philosophy is underpinned by principles of life, liberty, and property, echoing tenets of non-aggression, self-ownership, and free-market fundamentals.

Javier Milei’s ascent as the president represents a potential shift in Argentina’s political and social landscape, with his libertarian ideals shaping his policy proposals across various domains.

He prepares to assume office, the nation anticipates the impact of these proposed changes on its future trajectory.

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