New Delhi, 17th Oct. The All India Bar Association (AIBA) has urged the Chief Justice of India to initiate Contempt of Court proceedings against the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy for making scandalous allegations against Justice N.V. Ramana, senior most Judge of the Supreme Court and Judges of Andhra Pradesh High Court.

The Chairman of AIBA Dr. Adish C. Aggarwala, while condemning the AP Chief Minister for his October 6 letter to the Chief Justice of India S.A. Bobde, said the scurrilous and scandalous remarks against Justice Ramana, the next in line to become the Chief Justice of India and Judges of Andhra Pradesh High Court has shaken the independence of judiciary.

Expressing serious concern over the turn of events, Dr. Aggarwala, who has been Vice Chairman of the Bar Council of India, said the letter from a Chief Minister facing various corruption and money laundering charges in courts, is unwarranted and clearly an attempt to obstruct courts from its functioning by vilifying judges and intimidate them for obtaining favorable orders.

It is completely an abuse of process of rule of law that the Chief Minister instead of resorting to appeals and other mechanism provided under the Constitution, has resorted to level serious allegations against judges, who have dealt with certain cases.

It is a dangerous and callous act undertaken by the Chief Minister, which may have consequences on prevalence of democracy in the State and may lead to serious consequences. Moreover, the letter is rife with malafides as the same appears to have been intended to bench hunt for securing favorable orders.

The tone, tenor and timing clearly establish the vested interests and hidden agenda of the Chief Minister. In this context, it would be important to note that Justice N V Ramana is dealing with a public interest litigation for decriminalizing politics and fast tracking pending criminal cases against corrupt politicians. There is no gainsaying that the Chief Minister has numerous pending criminal and money laundering cases.

It is a matter of pain and anguish that the AP government has foisted a false FIR against his kin on a baseless, fabricated and fictitious basis to intimidate judge and scandalize the Court.

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