103 kg Gold Placed in a Vault with 72 Keys Missing from CBI



A shocking incident has been reported in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu.103 kgs gold went missing from CBI custody. The price of gold is estimated to be around Rs 45 crore. The case was revealed when the Madras High Court ordered the CB-CID to investigate the case.

During 2012, the CBI raided Surana Corporation’s office in Chennai and seized 400.5 kg of gold. This gold was locked by CBI’s locks and seals in Surana’s vault.

The CBI said during the hearing that it had handed over 72 keys of safes and vaults to the Chennai leading special court for CBI cases. The CBI claims that when the seizure action took place, all the gold bars were weighed together. But after the agreement between CBI and Surana, the weight of gold was measured separately, which may have caused the difference in weight.

Justice Prakash refused to accept the CBI’s claim. He handed over the investigation of the case to an officer of SP rank of CB-CID and directed to complete the investigation in six months. The CBI told Justice Prakash that its reputation would be affected if the local police investigated this case. Justice Prakash replied that all policemen should be trusted.

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