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Global Governance News is Asia’s first Bi-lingual News Portal on Governance and Politics which keeps you update about the government policy and the governance quintessence .

Nowadays, the Politics and Governance related issues have been much hyped and talked issue globally because of the different flares in the politics.

More importantly, Governance had never been under so much of public scrutiny. Hence, there is a need to analyze the meaning of real governance, its agenda, issues and concerns. The collective consciousness is getting vocal on the issues of governance and it is time to shape the public psyche at large.

Here, at Global Governance News, we try to redefine the meaning of governance globally in a perspective manner to benefit the global society by providing a virtuous chunk of new policies and government news.

The Indian media, by and large, has repeatedly failed to differentiate between the Politics and Governance. No wonder, they are often seen to be a party on various issues. Moreover, the public perception and middle class outburst are more based on perception than ground reality. Hence the reactive tone & tenor of India could not be channelized for a positive change in the country. This vacuum demands a governance think-tank platform, something that doesn’t mind going against the collective consciousness if it is not shaped by ground reality.

This is where, Global Governance News aims to position itself as a news platform with a clear focus on identifying the governance, its policies, plans and agenda. Our prime focus is to channelizing the public perception for constructive politics.

Advocacy and activism are the much engrossed part of our goal because we are here to provide news on intellectual issues.  Global Governance News believes that the real journalism is not about asking the benign questions, getting the mellifluous answers and filing the complaisant copies but to get the vicious news out of the box. We are coming in the fray with a serious approach and intend to be whistle blowers as well.

Global Governance News will also provide the much needed media support to the deserving movements on Governance Reforms. But simultaneously, we will neither be a party to any vested interest nor be a support to any hypocritical media managed show in the name of fighting pro peoples’ causes. We would rather take a stand against attempts to promote extra constitutional mechanism.

It is not that the efforts to launch the news projects on governance have not been made earlier. As a matter of fact, there have been very many. A few of such governance news are doing well too. However, we have made a proper study on competitive market and aim to position our publication at a different level altogether.

The real emphasis of Governance News is cover the impact of the governance and policies on the common man. We always try to show the scene behind the real politics. We give you the verbatim speech from the renowned politicians. We don’t intent to be a mouthpiece or extended PR machinery of any government body, its policies and programmes. We are for the NEWS & VIEWS related with Governance in India and abroad for the interest of Global Society.

We have a devoted team of highly experienced Journalists, Esteemed Writers, Policy makers, Socio-Political Analysts, Economists from India and abroad with a long list of well-wishers including many Social and Political Reformers, Jurists, Media Experts with our distinguished Union Ministers , Chief Ministers, Governors, Members of Parliaments, Member of Assemblies, Bureaucrats, Business Icons, Corporate Leaders from India  and abroad.

What are we/you waiting for? It’s high time for a fresh approach on Governance. Come and join us to rethink, redefine and reshape our nation’s governance with none other than the GLOBAL GOVERNANCE NEWS. 

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