So called Secularists must stop their conspiracies for cheap Vote bank politics : VHP

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New Delhi.March 24.
The Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) has cautioned the pseudo seculars on their biased, one-sided, conspiratorial approach on the incident in Bhondsi, Haryana on the auspicious day of Holi. The Joint General Secretary of VHP, Dr Surendra Jain said that the pseudo secular brigade, which was in deep slumber during the murders of Chandan and slitting of Ankit’s throat, has suddenly woken up and pounced upon the incident at Bhondsi. This secular brigade is making a lot of hue and cry over the incident of Bhondsi but maintained a stoic silence during the riots by Jihadi muslims against the peaceful celebration of Holi by Hindus in Bareilly and Moradabad. These conspirators did not even try to find who had started the incident, which was really begun by the muslims.
He added that the way in which an anarchist Chief Minister gave the entire incident a communal colour through his tweet and defamed the Hindu community by tagging it as goons & rioters, is entirely condemnable. After the tweet, the secular brigade joined the bandwagon to flair-up the communal atmosphere and gain some mileage out of it, without cross checking the facts.
VHP also said that it was surprising how the administration then came under pressure and subsequently arrested the Hindu boy without any investigation. Dr Jain said that the pseudo secular brigade wants that there should be atrocities on Hindus and this one sided video shows the anti-hindu mentality of the seculars.
Dr Jain further said that two days ago the same CM had used the Swastik symbol as broom to sweep away the Hindus, this was an insult to the entire heritage of the hindus and the country. After the pressure, to save their face, they cunningly attributed the Swastik to the Nazi Hitler, which is absolutely wrong & misleading.
The VHP cautions pseudo secularists that in order to gain small parochial gains for some votes, they should not widen the chasm between Hindus and Muslims. VHP also appeals to the entire nation not to fall into the trap laid down by such seculars and maintain brotherliness between the communities.

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