48 Shades of PM Narendra Damodardas Modi

Dr. Sonam Dixit

Democracy survives on the the fair elections, but in hunt to establishing a political system, democracy if does not sustain, the vote becomes façade. It seems in the election battlegrounds of   2019, Popularity of Modi beats the potentials of other parties to transpire. 

With the current developments in the nation, exercise of military option like surgical strikes, and bringing back country, our great warrior Indian Air Force pilot Abhinandan Varthaman made Prime Minister Modi, nations sweetheart, the strong rupee pushes up against US dollar is indeed a growing poise of the BJP. The Modi government is ensuring the acceleration of growth.  Demonetization has risen in higher tax passivity. The service sector, which backs a lot to the real GDP (Gross Domestic Product), has continued to expand under the present-day administration.

The Modi Government has sustained its commitment to social justice throughout the last 48 months by inspiring Divyangs and unrelenting works   to alleviate SC and ST communities. The government has also revised legislation regarding SCs and STs to ensure an even – handiness   in case of any violation of their rights, additionally PM MUDRA Yojana has given enormous aide SC and ST communities, with more than 50% beneficiaries belonging to the communities.  the past 48 months are validations for Prime Minister Modi’s aspiration to safeguard development and growth of nation.  The Director (PM Modi), exhibits the Indian government as the founder of   various schemes and programmes that has implemented for the prosperity of the Indian commonalities, receives claps in International Political Platform too.

The Jan – Dhan Yojana in this program, the formal banking sector is handy to the Indian masses and therefore, provides for financial inclusion. Another chief scheme is the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna, which purposes the dwellers of country – side a reasonable accommodation to more than 4 crore people. 

 The Ujjwala Yojana scheme of the government is a boon for rural areas, the use of clean LPG gas has affected many rural people, a fairly change in their lives has been seen, a significant transformation in the lives of rural people by the new construction of roads that link villages is an another life changing step for them, emphasis on rural employment, through MNREGA, has been an inspiration for rural development and making new India. The Gram Jyoti Yojana, is the testimony of the government resilient efforts, that promise to supply full-time electricity to rural population.

A big step to eliminate corruption, the 48 months speaks volume,

The latest law – Fugitive Economic Offenders Bill 2018 – that targets economic offenders fleeing the country, the government is all set to erase corruption this bill provides for the complete seizure of all assets of such money-making delinquents. In the recent updates, the arrest of absconder Diamantaire  Nirav Modi in London credited to the present government. Another institution established by the government, National Financial Reporting Authority (NFRA) to regulate auditors. November 8th 2016 was the most important day to fought corruption, the Demonetisation of 1000 and 500 currencies was the black day for black money in the Indian History. Moving in same direction the present Modi government also strangled over two lakh companies suspected of money laundering. another act, the Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Amendment Act, 2016 also concreted the way for a corruption-free nation.

No country can be change by denying the power of youth, the past 48 months have seen many positive changes, accelerated by the Modi government for youth empowerment. In this concern the commitment to transform ten public and private educational institutions into world-renowned ones is an enormous motivation for the growth of the Indian youth. The urgency of higher education, exceptionally in the women lives has led to socio-economic welfares. To create opportunities for employment in the country the tax relief is the blessing for new establishments. Focusing on the youth energy, the Modi Government is quite enthusiastic for the promotion of fitness and athletic in the youth.

Aiming on healthy India, the work done by Modi government the work done by the government in the past 48 months is laudable. The government has prioritised on giving affordable healthcare for all Indians. The National Health Protection Scheme unwrapped by the Modi government which will provide up to Rs 5 lakh health coverage to families for secondary and threefold care is a vital step towards affordable healthcare. Ayushman Bharat is an innovation in the construction of wellness centres, all over the country underlines the concern of the government regarding the weak families of the country. Eliminating diseases, a significant step has been commenced to ensure the elimination of tuberculosis is the bull eye. The Modi government has grossly determined to provide for a stronger India by eliminating diseases, by one dose at a time. To block malnutrition, The Poshan Abhiyaan is the first of its kind inventiveness that is dominant in the country. The International Day of Yoga was also celebrated all over the globe which accepted the various health benefits associated with Yoga, in all these past months, the centre government, clasped tight to provide quality and affordable healthcare.

The Promise  of creating world class infrastructure for building a New India The government has started various projects  since came into the power such as the Sagarmala Project for accelerating port-led development, the Bharatmala Project that  link India from west to east, the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link project for building the country’s largest sea bridge and the Setu Bharatam Project making national highways free of railway level crossings among others to develop the present conditions of our infrastructure. The current administration has also connected various villages through the construction of roads providing significant help to the rural population. The Modi government has also acted as a momentum for regional air connectivity, the boosted safety measures in railways and the upgrading of smart cities for urban makeover are the developments that ensured that the nation is in safe hand and nonstop efforts to make strong base for better India with a doughty economy.

India is a principally an agriculture based country, moving forward in this direction, the existing government has focused on the welfare of the farmers. The government believes that the farmers id the spine of our nation, priority steps has taken as a strategically sound to empower them. The government vouched in providing the relief and aid to farmers in case of any crop catastrophe. The blue revolution and and boost in milk production, the government guaranteed a big increase in farmer’s income. The improved availability of fertilisers along with affordable credit outlines has a great boost in their production. The government has also taken interest and efforts as a tutor to the farmers and make them tech-savvy and ensuring their benefits. In providing their universal development, the numerous aspiring schemes have been strictly stimulated to aid the farmers to pacify any agony.

Since the Modi government came, India has grown epidemically in the last 48 months. Under the current paperwork, we see the higher tax compliance, better financial inclusion, an increased points of employment, and unparalleled degrees of infrastructure development. The nation witnessed the millions across the country are now connected through the construction of roads and highways.

Advancing macroeconomic factors are driving India’s economic growth and made India as an outstanding investment for other countries. In a single flight the successful launch of 104 satellites enhances India’s work house showed an extraordinary growth route. In this new India every village has been electrified providing the stimulus for pastoral growth. Doubling income of farmers for the well-being of the farmers, a priority for the government, in the existing situation has also been ensured through the current administration. India’s glorious rise has only occurred as a fruitful score through the reformist current government.

Women empowerment is a necessary criterion of every part of world, and the, by employing women in positions of powers the, Modi administration has echoed candidly. The importance on women entrepreneurship and an additional financial support to them has led to social progress in the society by thought-provoking pigeonholes beliefs and uplifting integrities of women. A strong step taken as the death penalty ordinance for rapists for warranting that women are not subject to any defilement and abuse. The topmost and popular mission of the Modi government – Swachh Bharat Mission – has also led to the construction of toilets all over the country for women to fulfil their sanitation needs. The Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao programme implementation has been the compelling force behind the rise in literacy rates among girls in India and ironed the road for women-led development.  There are various programs and policies have also been sanctioned to secure the well-being of expectant mothers. Women development is the prominent motto in the current government, the government is unceasingly empowering them and developing their leadership qualities to enable them to lead India to a new world.

Now globally the super powers see a new India. The approx. 1460 .02 days has steered to a revolution in the picture of India, in the contributing factor by Prime Minister Modi’s expanding friendship internationally and solidarity with other heads of the planet. India in his leadership witnessed a secured stand among the influential countries, having their own navigation systems multiplied stamina of India to confront any challenges. Active participation in the international institutions and regional forums for regional stability has also endorsed major accomplishment. The past 48 months has seen the rejuvenation of the Indian military, air force and navy has secured India’s position as a commanding power in world politics.  Against the climate change, India has also emerged as a leading country by competing a vital role in the recent climate change conference in Paris and   performed as prominent Solar Alliance and replacing the use of fossil fuels. The global growth is the India’s new uniqueness. The diplomatic efforts by current foreign policy of the Modi government staunch to securing better relations with our neighbours.

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