New Jersey USA.15th Feb

Global NRI Community of USA has done great work on 14th Feb to celebrate NATIONAL LOVE DAY for MOTHER INDIA instead of  Valentine Day in different parts of USA.

Community leaders with students & children from different parts of USA celebrated  Valentine Day in a very special manners with great love to Mother India and watched the URI movie together with Many social organizations leads by India World Foundation,USA,Hindi USA, Sanatan Mandir Sunday School, OFBJP-USA and many other organizations.

This great nationalist program initiated by India World Foundation-USA for Global Movement for NEW INDIA as discussed with Sri Narendra Bhai Modi,Prime Minister of India last year in Delhi by IWF officials.This program is series of last program of IWF-USA held in Royal Albert Palace,New Jersey on 15th April 2018. All also praised for strengthen bilateral relationship between USA and India.

 More than 600 patriots NRI Watched this movie URI together.All sang National Anthem of India “JAN-GAN-MAN” together in one voice. With taking initiatives by India World Foundation-USA,all Global NRI Community has deeply participated in this event and to salute  our mother India with a view to Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam. 

As soon as film URI about to end they all heard & stunned to know about cowardly attack by Islamic terrorist backed by Pakistan in India leads to death of more than 40 military personnel in Pulwama in Jammu-Kashmir.

All community leaders deeply saddened by the dastardly attack on India’s CRPF personnel in the Jammu & Kashmir of India by the Pakistan based terrorist organization, Jaish-a-Mohammad (JeM).At least 40 + CRPF personnel were martyred in this suicidal cowardice attack.

All community leaders paid homage to all martyred Jawans of CRPF in India.

Pramod Bhagat,Founder-Director,India World Foundation-USA said that this is a cowardly act of the terrorist organization headed by Maulana Masood Azhar,the blue-eyed boy of Pakistan’s spy agency, ISI.Mr Bhagat lauded the Modi government’s resolve of giving back a fitting reply to this beastly act.   

OFBJP-USA President Krishna Reddy Anugula offered heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families on behalf of Indian Diaspora and he said that prayers are being held for speedy recovery of the injured and giving strength the bereaved families in their personal grief. 

Padamshri Dr Sudhir Parikh said Indian Diaspora is with our security personnel and their families in this hour of need.

India World Foundation-USA, Hindi USA, Sanatan Mandir Sunday School,OFBJP-USA all in united voice demanded that United Nations Organization should designate Masood Azhar as the global terrorist.

They all said that China should be ashamed of itself in blocking Azhar’s ban at the UN”. Indian Diaspora demands that if Pakistan is sincere in seeking peace with India, arrest Maulana Masood Azhar and his cohorts and disband all terrorist organizations station in Pakistan. Pakistan is a pariah nation anyhow and if it wants to exist in the real world,it should not play games,resort to lies, and abet terrorism. It should get rid of all terrorist organization from its soil. More than 40 CRPF personnel were martyred in this suicide attack by the Pakistan based terrorist organization,Jaish-a-Mohammad (JeM).

All Community leaders also paid condolences with Candle March in long ques with showing protest against inhumane attack on CRPF personnel by Pakistani terrorist organisations in Jammu–Kashmir on 14th Feb.

Leaders of global NRI community in USA Pramod Bhagat of IWF-USA,Raj Mittal of Hindi USA,Vasant Naik of Edisson Library, Krishna Reddy of OFBJP, Padamshri Dr Sudhir Parikh,Vilas Reddy,Dev Karlekar, Rajyalakshmi,Gayatri Pandey,Kalpana Shukla, Sunit Shukla,Dr Shiv Agarwal,Deepender Singh,Mrs Neeraj Bhagat,Manish Shashi Shrivastava,Ravi Budhunaru,Dinesh Desai of IWF-USA,Dr Adapa Prasad,Vasudev Patel, Manak Kabra were main personalities behind this great program in New Jersey & New York with great tireless efforts for their Mother Land Bharat.

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