PM Modi’s packed schedules for Buenos Aires:- 50 hours stay,50 hours in flight and 25 engagements

Communication, the human connection is the key to success in every field, be it social, economical or political…The glaring example of this is, none other than our PM, Shri Narendra Modi ji, He leaves no stone unturned to make our country proud in every field. All these below questions are valid once we see him working 24,7

Who will bring Foreign investments if he sits in India?
How will employment be generated if there are no investments?

How will India get a permanent seat at UN if there is no change in Foreign Policy?

All this will increase the job opportunities and will take India to a next level in terms of development.
And yes, it is his duty,and he is working with great intent towards the development of India, he is stepping forward and working hard to give us and this country, a better future. So he is travelling incessantly to cover political grounds in five states apart frpom this he focus on every front like Diplomacy.

Despite his busiest schedule for political campaign , he made it a point to visit Singapore and Maldives during these campaign. He is packed for Buens Aires: 50 hours stay, 25 engagements, G20 sessions and meeting with eminent world leaders in the midst of his busiest election campaign. In the last six days  after he started his campaign on Nov 23 rd he has campaigned across MP,Rajasthan,Telangana . After his campaign on Wednesday in Rajasthan, he moved to Delhi only for 1 and half 90 minutes and flew to Argentina.

His commitments with Buens Aires include meetings and summits of Brics and G-20 respectively. Besides his busy and hectic schedule, he is expected to meet several world leaders as well.

He would be returning to India on Dec 3 and joining the campaign from Jodhpur and Hyderabad on his arrival day. Salute to the revered man who works day in and day out for the development of our country.

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