National Union of Journalists condemned retrenchment of media employees

New Delhi: The National Union of Journalists (India) condemned the decision of PTI management to layoff majority of its workers and other media staffers from the organization across the country.

“The decision is arbitrary, unrealistic, unjustified and unwarranted. The PTI management suddenly announced retrenchment of approx 300 media staff across India claiming the move will save money during the next financial year. “The management’s argument does not make any sense because the management has set up a huge hierarchy of managers who claim a major share of the salary budget and none of them are being retrenched,” Sheo Kumar Agarwal, NUJ Secretary General said.

The NUJ(I) President Prajananda Chaudhuri said that “We have also noted that a significant amount of money is being used for undue promotions of cronies and favorites, and the retrenchment appears to be aimed at making room for the kith and kin of the managers rather than saving costs. The decision means financial murder of media workers who have a major role in making PTI one of the most credible news sources in India.

“The Media staff in India have been working under constant stress due to an unusual increase in their workload and have at times risked their lives while performing their duties, or received threats for the kind of stories they were doing,” pointed out. Instead of addressing their legitimate concerns about their security, they are being constantly bullied and harassed by the top management, negating their own commitment about respect at the work place.

The NUJ(I) called upon the Union Government and PTI management’s top management to intervene and prevent the media staff  from taking such ruthless action. “We stand by the Media Staff of PTI and ensure them all out support,” and also urged that to immediately intervene into the matter and do justice. “We at NUJ(I) demand the PTI management to desist from such activities immediately and restore the jobs of all those who have been victims of management’s actions against prevailing laws and rules. Otherwise the NUJ(I) will be forced to take other steps to get justice for the consequences of which the PTI management alone will be responsible,” the statement said.

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