Creating Surplus wealth for emerging economies agenda of WHEF

Dr. Sonam Dixit and Dr. Devendraprakash Gautam

Chicago, USA: The World Hindu Congress (WHC) is formed with an intention to awaken and unite the Hindu society and eventually bringing the Hindu renaissance. The guiding principle of WHC is “Yato Dharamas tato Jaya” meaning “Where there is Dharama (Righteousness), there is Victory”.

WHC provides a global platform for Hindus to network, share ideas, inspire and nurture each other thereby imparting a change in the Hindu society and in turn the world and humanity. By in-depth analysis and discussion of various societal aspects, the WHC provides future directions for the betterment and prosperity of the Hindu society and of the human race. This fits into the motto of Hindu philosophy of “Vasudhiava Kutumbakam” meaning “the World is one Family”.

On 7th Sep 2018 in Chicago, The World Hindu Economic Forum (WHEF) brings all the economists, traders, technocrats, bankers, business analysts and thinkers within the Hindu society with an objective to share their ideas and expertise with fellow Hindus for surplus wealth creation. In order to safeguard emerging economies in many countries, this collaboration anticipates the great economic opportunities, to resolve the current crisis.

WHEF is pioneer in creating the surplus wealth and sharing this knowledge to endow the global situation for collective growth of mankind. The Hindu economic idea is based on balance between environment and human needs. It is about prosperity, compassion, sustainability, balance and inclusiveness. Hindus should cooperate collectively and globally so that the market access is accelerated amongst them and in turn to create surplus wealth for a more egalitarian society based on Indic thought process.

The guiding philosophy of WHEF is from Chanakya’s Arthshastra “Dharmasya Moolam Arthah” meaning “Economy is the Strength”. The primary goals of WHEF are (1) to enhance collaboration and cooperation between Hindus for better access of market capital, (2) to help to create a financial ecosystem and policy framework that enables availability of funds required for business development, (3) to provide a platform and an ecosystem for Hindu population to convert technological innovations or ideas into flourishing business with funds and market availability, (4) to support, encourage and mentor next generation Hindu entrepreneurs. With this vision it is anticipated that society at large will be prosperous with creating and sharing surplus wealth through enterprise and mentoring future entrepreneurs. These enterprises will help to generate employment in the emerging society/economy and will help to foster stronger bonds among different communities.

In the World Hindu Economic Forum all the International Politicians and business leaders will assemble at the event, which is focused on improvisation of economy in a fractured world, saving economic globalisation and finding a new equilibrium in the global Platform with guiding principles based on the Dharmic/Indic philosophy/tradition.

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