Trump-Trudeau face off in Brussels NATO summit

President of the United States Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set to meet at NATO summit in Brussels on Wednesday. The two leaders have a cozy relation last month in G-7 meet held at Quebec Canada.

After US imposed tariff on Canada, Canada also took retaliatory imposition of tariff on American imports.  On Tuesday Trudeau asserted that Canada will not increase its defence spending in NATO, the main demand of Trump.

The Brussels summit will focus on NATO but the interaction between Trump and Trudeau will be seen as the renegotiation of North American free trade agreement (NAFTA).

Trudeau has benefited with the clash as a poll suggest the majority of Canadians approved that they will be not push around by the US.

When it comes to NAFTA, much is at stake for Canada; the agreement underpins the three-quarters of Canada’s exports that go to the US and roughly 2.5m Canadian jobs that depend on American trade. The Bank of Canada warned earlier this year that uncertainty over NAFTA has dampened business investment in Canada.

The meeting of two leaders is seen as the two strongest economy clashes to fulfilling their personal gains. Earlier Trump have urged to NATO nation to increase their defence spending in the elite group.

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